BTJD assists small and large lenders and borrowers in documenting, negotiating, and structuring commercial lending transactions.  Our lending practice includes attorneys who are approved counsel for many local lenders and who can assist clients in both unsecured and secured lending arrangements with a broad range of collateral options.  Often, lenders and borrowers ask us to assist in:

  • Asset-based lending arrangements
  • Commercial real estate transactions
  • Conflicts between lender and borrowers
  • Initial commercial loan creation and refinancing of commercial loans
  • Leasing arrangements
  • Mergers and acquisition transactions
  • Multi-lender structures
  • Securitizations

Our experience in representing parties on both sides of the transaction provides us with deep, extensive experience that enables us to provide quick and efficient lending arrangements for our clients.  We are confident that regardless of your commercial lending needs, our experienced can provide you with the needed expertise.