Statements from our Founders

Steven W. Bennett

"Nearly 30 years ago, I started planning to leave my former firm, and I began practicing law as a solo practitioner. Shortly thereafter, my partners (and friends) Barry Johnson and Monte Deere joined me. We then worked together to build a law firm. When we first started out, we never expected to be where we are now with more than 50 attorneys (and almost 100 employees). We simply wanted to build a firm that had a different culture; a place where we could practice law at a high level while maintaining a positive attitude and cultivating entrepreneurial clients and amazing attorneys.

I am proud of many things about the firm we have built, but one thing stands out. Over the years, we have focused on helping young attorneys achieve their potential, and they have done so time after time. We have seen this with attorneys in all practice areas, including litigation, business, and tax. I have participated in and witnessed this growth for a long time, and I have received great personal satisfaction from observing our new colleagues develop and become excellent, capable, and trusted professionals. This transformation is an important part of who we are and the firm we have built. I am convinced that we have succeeded at our goal to develop very capable law school graduates into excellent attorneys, and I am excited to observe in the continued growth of the firm, which will be driven largely by these excellent attorneys."

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Barry N. Johnson

"BTJD strives to be a “destination firm” for its lawyers and staff. A place for them to spend their entire careers. We feel we have accomplished that objective by building a uniquely collegial workplace while simultaneously performing top quality legal work for high-caliber clients. I regularly tell others that I love my job. That is true primarily because of the people I work with day in and day out. Not only are they genuinely good people, but every BTJD lawyer is qualified to, and could, work for any firm in the country. We are honored that they have chosen BTJD. Our work product and results demonstrate not just legal excellence (although it demonstrates plenty of that), but also the environment from which such excellence springs—BTJD is simply a nice place to come to work. So, after thirty years of successful growth, we thank our committed lawyers, devoted staff members, and our loyal clients for helping us make BTJD indisputably one of the best law firms in Utah."

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Monte M. Deere, Jr.

"I have had a long and unique relationship with BTJD and the stellar colleagues and clients that make up my BTJD experience. Unlike most, I have the fortune to have been both a BTJD attorney for more than 20 years and now a BTJD client for almost five. As a BTJD lawyer, I saw the consistent work ethic and dedication to excellence with which we served clients. Now I see exactly the same qualities on the client side of the relationship. Additionally, BTJD and its leaders have extended the grace and friendship to allow me to leave day-to-day work at the firm twice to pursue duties and dreams that I’m certain no other law firm would have accommodated. I am a much better person, as well as a better professional, because of the consistent selflessness and high moral quality of the individuals who have made up BTJD over the years, attributes that began with and are embodied by the men who are my co-founders."

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Values & Commitment

BTJD has established a community of attorneys and employees that work well together and with clients to produce the most effective representation possible. BTJD is dedicated to providing our clients with individualized representation to fit their unique needs. We believe good communication is key to ensuring success for our clients. Whatever life throws at you, we are prepared to help guide you through it. It is our goal to make a meaningful contribution to the success of our clients.

Partners in Community Needs

For The Kids

"For The Kids helps children in our own backyard. Our focus is on involving the community in developing, mentoring, and feeding kids with passion, dedication, and care."

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Utah Food Bank

"For over 116 years, Utah Food Bank has stayed true to our objective of serving those in need throughout our state. We work tirelessly with community partners and volunteers to continue making an impact and fulfilling our mission of Fighting Hunger Statewide."

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